What We Do

BTSE is a charity working for the advancement of the health and wellbeing of residents of the London Borough of Bromley and surrounding areas in the South East of England.
How We Do It
We facilitate the development and delivery of coordinated health and wellbeing services and promote access to preventative resources provided by other voluntary sector organisations.
On a daily basis we...

Our Services and Expertise

Contract Management

We manage and monitor the delivery of many and complex services, providing one point of contact for commissioners.

Strong engagement with strategic borough bodies, clear lines of reporting, agreed performance indicators and ongoing conversations with commissioners and providers have positioned us to deliver the Bromley Well contract flexibly and affordably, enabling the evolvement of services that meet people’s changing needs.

Relationship Building and Local Representation

We’re actively involved in

Brand and Communications

For the duration of the Bromley Well contract we’ve established, managed and delivered a unified brand for what was an entirely new service in 2017.

We continue working alongside our charity partners and local commissioners to embed this in the local community.

As partners in One Bromley, the integrated care service for the London Borough of Bromley, we play a key role in the communications mix, reaching people in diverse communities across the borough. This has been invaluable during COVID-19.

Data Management

Good data management is the cornerstone of demonstrating the outcomes achieved for service users, developing client needs and improving service design.

For the Bromley Well contract we have designed, set up and manage one client database which allows all service providers to access and manage client data.

This has reaped clear benefits for residents, service providers and commissioners.


We help and advise charities who want to work together to consider ways to jointly deliver services, for the benefit of service users.

This might include:

As the objective and neutral “third party” we can focus on the balance of what’s best for service users, providers and funders.