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Bromley Well Health and Wellbeing Service

We’re proud to be delivering the Bromley Well Health and Wellbeing service.
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BTSE manages all services under a single agreement
Services are delivered by four large local charities and a number of smaller ones
Associate Members

We work with 56 Associate Member charities


Bromley Well has supported 25,000 residents in 3.5 years, ~10% adult population

Bromley Well Contract Aim

Spectrum of health

Contract Arrangement

One contract to BTSE which we subcontract to 4 large charities and a number of smaller charities.

BTSE’s third sector partnership provides a single point of access to the considerable expertise, skills and knowledge the third sector has to offer.

What Does Bromley Well Do?

The focus of the Bromley Well service is on people aged 18+ who are already demonstrating risk factors but those that can either be reversed or maintained at their current level with support.

All accessed Monday – Saturday 9-5pm. Freephone: 0808 278 7898 Email: Website:

Who Does What?

BTSE recognises that health and wellbeing is dependent on many factors and Bromley Well services are built on this principle.

We combine support for the wider determinants of health such as financial, housing and social isolation alongside services which focus on general health and wellbeing.

Our unique collaboration of local services enables us to support the whole person, addressing the multiple issues contributing to people’s wellbeing.

We manage and monitor the delivery of services, providing one point of contact for commissioners. Clear lines of reporting, agreed performance indicators and ongoing conversations have enabled the Bromley Well service to evolve to meet needs identified at the frontline.

Good data management is the cornerstone of demonstrating the outcomes achieved for service users, developing client needs and improving service design.

We use one client database and have relevant agreements and data securities in place.

Bromley Well has one freephone number and one email which provide access to many services.

Registered clients don’t need to repeat their story. We have expert knowledge of other services nearby and can point people in the right direction if we can’t help.

"During the pandemic Bromley Well's Single Point of Access has come into its own, taking up to 100 calls a day. Callers have benefited from access to a whole range of services via one phone call - from financial advice to support for their mental wellbeing..."

The Results

Income generated for clients from PIP, Universal credit, council tax refund, housing benefits, DSA, ESA & more
£ 2000000
Unpaid Carers supported
Clients supported to improve their mental health
People with Learning Disabilities supported

"At the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic, I had serious financial issues and difficulties. Anon at Bromley Well gave advice over a period of time with sign posts and referrals to different departments. Anon consistently checked in, organised food parcels, and heating when I had no gas and electricity… I cannot thank them enough for their extreme kindness, and professionalism going above and beyond their duty as a member of your team"​​

Bromley Well Legal Advice Service

"I always feel supported by Bromley Well, they give such amazing support for carers"​​

Bromley Well Mental Health Carers Support Service, 2020

"I never knew how much I needed this course until I attended. I feel freed of the things that for so long were suffocating me. It showed me I need to focus more on my own wellbeing and showed me ways to do that. Thank you."​​

Hospital Aftercare Service, 2021

"You probably don't get told this enough but I wanted to say a big thankyou to you both and your team. You respond so quickly to any requests and are an invaluable service to us. Our job would be so much harder without your service and input."​​

From staff at Princess Royal University Hospital to Handyperson service, 2021

“When I needed advice, it was given, to the point and very helpful."​​

Carers Service, 2021

“It is nice to speak to other people and professionals other than close family/friends. It’s great to share ideas and views. It makes you realise there are a lot of lonely people who care for others and we need to help and support each other. The team who have phoned me have been very professional and given me ideas and support when I began to doubt myself. It is helping with my confidence."​​

Carers Service, 2021

“Without the support [of Bromley Well Learning Disability Service] this would all have been too much for me."​​

User of Learning Disability service, 2021