Benefits to Commissioners

We work with commissioners to facilitate the delivery of a range of health and wellbeing services.

Since 2015, BTSE has worked closely with commissioners at Bromley Council and NHS South East London Integrated Care Board who have jointly commissioned us to deliver a range of prevention and early intervention services.

We manage a single strategic health and wellbeing early intervention contract, which comprises a wide range of strategic third sector contracts, introduces new ways of working to better support local people and is worth more than £11 million over five years.

We facilitate:

Streamline the Commissioning Process

Through joint commissioning and reconfiguring of a number of third sector contracts into fewer, larger contracts, BTSE’s third sector partnership has provided a single point of entry to the considerable expertise, skills and knowledge the third sector has to offer.

Data for Effective Planning

We manage one central data store, used by 4 partner charities. A rich source of insight into population needs, providing the means to analyse and assess the impact of commissioned services and plan for future provision.

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One Bromley – A Local Care Partnership

BTSE is one of 9 local organisations in the local health and wellbeing partnership One Bromley.

We’re involved in the development of local services in line with strategic plans such as the Bromley Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2023 which sets out a vision for how, through joint working, we will ensure that people in Bromley live independent, healthy and happy lives, and how we’ll tackle health inequalities.


"Bromley Third Sector Enterprise is a valued partner in One Bromley, our local place based care partnership. Their role, working with health and social care services, is crucial to improving care for Bromley people. They are active participants in our local healthcare system, as we work together to deliver truly joined up and proactive care that focuses on prevention of ill-health, reduction of health inequalities and earlier diagnosis of long term conditions. Bromley is one of the top performers in effectively discharging vulnerable patients from hospital in a safe and timely way. We could not achieve this without the involvement of BTSE, and the essential care and support they provide to patients so they can continue to recover at home and in the community."​

Dr Angela Bhan, Place Based Executive Director, One Bromley, NHS South East London Integrated Care System

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